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Residential Spray Coating Applications

Improve Outdoor Structures for Residential Properties with ArmorThane® Protective Coatings

The ArmorThane line of outdoor protective coatings and concrete sealers shield your structures from extreme climates and chemical corrosion and create a waterproof barrier between the elements and your property. The line of corrosion protection coatings are also available in a variety of colors and designs and can accent your existing architecture.

Torture-Test for Polyurethane Coated Deck 

Here’s the ultimate test of durability for spraying ArmorThane® Polyurethane on a patio deck and porch. Rotary steel blades don’t penetrate or dent the toughest coating you can apply. This is proof of durability against years of extreme weather and washing. No need to re-coat the deck over and over like paints, deck stains, or other products.

Specific product coatings address both broad-spectrum uses and ones with special problem-solving attributes:

  • Basic Polyurethane: Bed Liners, Vehicles, Marine, Equipment uses
  • Flexible Polyurethane: Easily Milled, Transportation
  • Broad Spectrum Abrasion and Chemical Resistant Polyurethane
  • Broad Spectrum Polyurea: Abrasion / Chemical Resistant, Waterproof
  • Polyurethane Expanding Foam: Construction use for Insulation
  • Fire Retardant Polyurethane: Healthcare, Schools
  • Fire Retardant Polyurea: Healthcare, Schools, Industry
  • High Corrosion and Chemical Resistant Industrial Strength Polyurea: Oil & Gas
  • High Friction Wear Resistant Polyurea: Mining
  • Aluminized, Reflective Polyurea: Roofing use in Construction
  • Extremely Pliable – Transportation
  • Extremely Rigid Polyurea: Coating Foam
  • Moisture Cured Polyurea: Sanitation, Humid Environments
  • Potable Water Safe Polyurea: Tanks, Pipes, Food
  • Slip Resistant Polyurea: Safety, Transportation
  • Blast Mitigation Coatings: Military, Public Safety
  • UV Color Coating Protection: Fade Resistant Surfaces

Comparison of Polyurethanes and Polyaspartics  (Polyaspartic Polyurea)

Polyaspartics (Polyaspartic Polyurea)

  • Thin-moderate film builds (≥15 mil DFT)
  • Zero VOCs
  • Variable cure speed
  • Quick return to service
  • Short pot life (20-30 min at 700°F)


  • Only thin film builds, ≥6 mil DFT
  • Vary between 0.1 lb/ga and 2.5 lb/ga
  • Slow to moderate cure speed
  • 24-48 hr before return to service
  • Long pot life (1.0-1.5 hr at 700°F)