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Ureco® Flooring Systems
URECO® STS Self-Leveling

The URECO® cementitious coating is a cement over-laymen that is designed to protect your surfaces from thermal shock. For example, floors at food facilities, processing plants, or barns that need to withstand instant temperature changes. Most coatings cannot withstand such extreme changes but this can.

The URECO ® cementitious coating are also good for preventing contaminant penetration. These coatings are also odorless and non-toxic also so do not require ventilation during installation.

The URECO® cementitious polyurethane coatings are designed to provide protective coating for the URECO® high build products.

As with the high build products, the polyurethane coating systems provide seamless, thermal shock resistant floors that are easy to clean and tolerate a wide range of service temperatures.  They are also odorless and non-toxic, so do not require ventilation during installation.


Self-Leveling  1/8-1/4 inch thickness

  • General-purpose high build system

  • Extremely thermal shock resistant

  • Ideal for medium to severe environment (Food processing plants for meats and dairy products)

  • Application on new concrete between 7-10 days

Technical Specifications – Click Here for PDF

URECO® TC - Cementitious Polyurethane Coating

The URECO┬« cementitious polyurethane high build systems are fast curing and are self-priming. The ÔÇśLike-on-LikeÔÇÖ technology used for these products means that they are all able to expand and contract with the concrete which results in a superior bond strength and adhesion strength to the concrete substrate underneath.┬á With the added benefit of having excellent impact and thermal shock resistance as well as chemical resistance, the Ureco┬« high build systems will ensure that your floors are long lasting.

All Ureco® cementitious polyurethane high build products do not require ventilation during installation as they are odorless and non-toxic.

URECO┬«┬áTC – Cementitious Polyurethane Coating

  • General purpose, single or multiple coats

  • Thermal shock resistant

  • Provides matt, uniform-looking floor

  • Good for preventing contaminant penetration

Technical Specifications – Click Here for PDF